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Introduction: £5000 of bursary funds to help conservation  
As a charity dedicated to the promotion of education and learning in built and historic environment conservation, the IHBC is delighted to be able to allocate up to £5,000 of funding for bursaries to assist members in attending the 2016 Annual School.

Principles: Reduce your School costs by up to £250, and possibly more!
We intend to provide up to 20 bursaries of up to £250 each to members of the IHBC attending the Institute’s 2016 Annual School. Applicants are encouraged to submit their bursary application as soon as possible. We will endeavour also to reply as soon as possible, though clearly precise timings will depend on the number of applications.

Please note that individual bursary allocations may be more or less than £250, as we must get best value from the entire allocation, and submissions will be judged on a case-by-case basis. All applications will be kept confidential.

Process: Managing the IHBC’s resources carefully
The process of application is straightforward and based on an assessment of the needs of the applicant based on their ‘Statement of needs and value’, as described below. Each case will be judged on its own merits.

When booking a place at the School using our online booking system, any bursary application or, if offered, bursary award, should be identified in the ‘Notes’ field of the form.

Awards will be reimbursed against costs of the School, and/or receipted travel expenses as appropriate.

Any application deems the applicant’s acceptance that the IHBC’s decision is final.

Successful applicants may be asked to contribute to the organization or running of the event and/or its promotion, depending on circumstances. Specific allocations will not be publicised without the express agreement of the recipient.

To apply: ‘A Statement of needs and value’
Please email the following details in support of your case to

  • Contact details (including IHBC number, alternative email addresses, etc.)
  • ‘Statement of need and value’, with supporting documentation, such as CPD forms (see to cover:
    • Projected costs, including travel
    • Personal and professional benefits attached to your attendance, including your links to the IHBC, volunteering activities and your career plans (including your CPD) etc., and
    • An indication, if any, of personal or employer support (including income or salary, if any) to serve as ‘match funding’.
  • How your attendance might add value to the event
  • If you are willing to have your award publicised.

Please note that you do NOT have to be a member of the IHBC at the time of application, but bursary payments may only be made to IHBC members.